Monday, July 27, 2009

Celebrating our Wedding Vow renewal today

Celebrating our wedding vow renewal

Today is a blessed day as my sweet hubby and I are celebrating the renewal of our wedding vows after 41 years of marriage. Last year, he asked me to marry him again, which I did with great pride and excitement. God has given us another wonderful year together filled with His precious love and grace.

This is a double blessing because my doctors did not believe I would live another year. Guess they just don't realize how big our Heavenly Father is and that Jesus is our Healer. I was prayed over yesterday at church for healing and I am convinced that Jesus has completely healed me. I look forward to my next PET scan so that my doctors can take me off my chemo.

I don't know where the Lord will take me along my journey to the next chapter of my life. Whatever it is, I Iook forward to it with great excitement and pray that He use me to His glory and honor. Wherever He chooses to take me, I know it will be an exciting, wonderful and blessed trip.

May you have a very blessed day.


  1. Congratulations Shirley and Dennis. You are a walking miracle. I praise God for what he is doing in your life. Love you Sister in Christ.

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