Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Surviving cancer for the 6th time.

In June of 2008, my husband and I were told that my cancer had returned for the 6th time. I now have stage 4 renal cell carcinoma that has moved to my bones. We were told that I had 4-12 months left to live. The doctors said the only thing they could do for me was keep me on morphine to help with the pain until the end. However, they do not know my God. It has been months since I have had to combat the pain and I am doing great. He continues to surround me with his perfect and complete peace that surpasses all understanding.

I have been blessed to have such a huge Christian family praying for me daily and I know my God is hearing and answering. By His precious Grace, I am living with 1/3 of one kidney and only part of my left lung remains. All the rest have been lost to cancer. Doctors continue to be amazed that my 1/3 of the kidney is functioning almost as well as two full ones. Also, with most of my left lung gone, I have no problems with breathing in any way.

I don't know why God has choosen to allow me to go through so much pain and deep valleys at times but I do know He is ALWAYS with me. My prayer is not for healing but that He be glorified through my times of struggling. I do know that I am in a WIN/WIN situation as His daughter. He will either heal me hear on earth for the 6th time or He may choose to take me home where I will never have to battle cancer again. Either way, I will be completely blessed.

My sister teases me that I am trying to sneak into heaven piece by piece thinking God will not notice. That is a great family joke now and I love it.

I have been praying that God would use me in some way to give hope and encouragement to others going through some hard times. Perhaps it is through blogging because so many people have told me the same thing. I have never done this before so please by patient with me as I learn as I go. You see, I know 1st hand what He has done for me and what He wills to do for all his precious children.

Today is a great day for me. I did visit my oncologist and was told that my PET scan from last week showed no new cancer cells. My weight has also stabilized and I am in no pain. I am also learning to blog since a very precious friend got me started. Great day today.

blessings to all,

Here I am Lord...use me

Hi, no, this is not Shirley, but her friend Terry....

I have taken it upon myself to start this blog for her....

So, look forward to hearing lots from this sweet woman soon...but until then let me share just a little

Shirley is a AMAZING woman!!! If you want to be inspired, just keeping checking in here to see how God is using her. I titled this post "Here I am Lord...use me" because that is the way that Shirley takes EVERYDAY. She has a story of survivoring that will just bless your shocks off!!

I met Shirley 4 years ago at a woman retreat. Little did I know then that she would become such an important part of my life! I just can not imagine my life without her in it.

As her profile states, she has been fighting cancer for over 10 years. And never once has her faith waivered!!! Never once has she doubted that God would use her to bless others!!!

I could go on and on...but I will stop....I want her to share her story. May she be as much of a blessing to you all as she has been to me!!!