Friday, May 15, 2009

My embarrassing moment

Have you ever been embarrased by trying out a new recipe? No? Well I managed to do just that, I love to cook and try new recipes.I wanted to make a new recipe and can't even remember what it was now because it has been over a year ago. The recipe called for arrowroot. I am embarrassed to say, I had NEVER heard of it before. I figured ok, it has root in the name perhaps it is something like gingerroot. Well, I was totally wrong.I went to our local grocery store and could not find this treasured arrowroot. Went to Walmart and again no luck. I figured, ok, I will go to Sun Harvest, surely they will have it there. I walk into Sun Harvest and low and behold, there is the arrowroot. Unfortunately, it was in a 1/2 gallon container and I had to put it into a plastic bag. No problem. I get my plastic bag and put it up against the opening of the jar. Good, got it into the bag with no problem. Oh Oh, Problem. I forgot to put the bin number on the bag. Again, no problem. I sealed the bag shut so I will just write on the bag. I began to write the number on the bag and all of a sudden it looked like I had sent out a smoke signal. There was arrowroot all over the counter, tops of jars, and in between the jars and counters. Of course, I look around to see if anyone was watching. Good, no one saw me. I start to look for a paper towel, tissue, something to gather the arrowroot to pick it up. There was nothing around. I ALWAYS have tisses in my purse but not this day. Can't find a thing to clean my mess and still no one around. I look for an employee to get some help, none around. Ok, I can do this. I begin to scrape the arrowroot from the tops of the jars onto the counter and gather it together with the side of my hand. Good, I finally get it all in a neat little pile. Now, I go to pick it up in the palm of my hand and poof, looked like I was sending out more smoke signals. Still no one watching me so I again gather all the arrowroot into a small pile with the side of my hand. This time, I am going to gather it with my fingers so not to send more signals. I gingerly try to scoop up the pile of arrowroot from the counter. Poof, now looks like several mini smoke signals going through my fingers. I am still watching to see if I am being watched. No on around yet. After all, I don't want to be embarrassed.I finally give up and walk away with the mess still there. I then realize that there are hardly any customers and I could only find one employee. I said "excuse me sir but someone made a big mess on the spice isle that needs to be cleaned up." I walk away and there on the isle where I found the employee was a small jar of arrowroot with all the other spices. I did not even think to buy it, I just wanted out of there fast. I also look back and wonder, why didn't I think to scoop the arrowroot off the edge of the counter into the bag. But then, I would not have such a fun story to share.As I look back, it dawns on me there were no employees in the store because they were all in the security room watching me on video. I also think the one employee smirked as I told him about the mess and he was trying hard not to break out in laughter.Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my embarrassing moment and it brought a little joy to your day. I am feeling a little down today and wanted to bless others who may be feeling the way I do.God Bless and keep you,

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